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American Female: a true tale of adventure

I'm Emily, a Saint Louis, MO native, author, producer, creative, and doer. I've devoted the past three years of my life to writing, editing, and creating American Female: a true tale of adventure. It is the next Great American Novel, best described as "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "Eat, Pray, Love" while "On the Road," and filled with action, adventure, passion, scandal, and self-actualization.

Middle-class, mid-career, and Midwestern, twenty-something Emily Carpenter walks into a new job that isn’t middle anything. In only slightly more time than it takes to get a passport, this brave adventuress finds herself thrust into a world of lavish luxury, corporate hijinks, and personal scandal. Jet-setting around the globe with her sociopathic boss, she discovers the line between right and wrong is generally negotiable, and almost always in a language other than English. Forced to her breaking point, Emily has to decide what is more important: her old self-respect or her new career. But first - she’ll have to survive.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This true tale of adventure demands to be shared, so I teamed up with a talented group of creatives to make it happen.

Our collaboration resulted in some incredible stuff, including high-quality designs, a suite of four American Female short film book trailers with custom music production from Terra-Tone, a kick-ass launch party featuring craft beer from 4Hands Brewery, gourmet food from Burger 809, live art by Cherokee Street Reach artists, AF trailer screening and pop-up shop, AF art & print gallery, and NYC DJ Nebraska Jones who flew in to spin all night.  

American Female Trailer Suite

The American Female Trailer Suite presents a visual and aural experience through the four main themes of the literature: tension, mysticism, adventure, and passion.


Produced by Emily Carpenter
Music: Terra-Tone - STL
Cinematography: Parallel, Briefly - STL
MUA/PA/Cameo: Tasha Smith - STL
Location: Lulu Seafood - STL


Produced by Emily Carpenter
Music: Terra-Tone - STL
Animation: Leo de Leon - KC, MO


Produced by Emily Carpenter
- Southside Saint Louis by Matt Peterson - STL
- Rotterdam, the Netherlands by Peter-Paul de Mejier - NL
- Hong Kong by Ricky Nyhoff - STL/HKG
- Playa Bluff, Panama by Joshua Haarbrink - PAN
Film Editing by Joey Goldsmith - STL
Music by Terra-Tone - STL


Produced by Emily Carpenter
Cinematography by Parallel, Briefly - STL
Music by Terra-Tone - STL
Creative Director: Jenna Grissom - STL
MUA: Jennifer Duncan - STL
PA: Tasha Smith - STL
Film Editing by Matt Peterson & Joey Goldsmith
Location: Nebula - STL


As an independent author, publisher, and marketer, I'm 100% financially responsible for the American Female book launch. I've been making it happen, but it hasn't been easy. The Indiegogo donations have allowed me to move forward with actualizing my vision in its entirety, and bringing my story, my passion - my dreams - to life.

Every single dollar I receive goes toward the launch of American Female. This funding allows me to 1.) complete the recording of the AF audio book, 2.) finish the creation of an AF art appendix, 3.) print books to ship out for reviews (key for a successful launch), 4.) invest in additional marketing and publicity efforts to spread the word and increase visibility of the book and trailers, 5.) support the 2016 AF book tour, and 6.) begin work on the AF screenplay (scheduled to commence June 2016).


Supporting this project is not only supporting me - it is supporting each and every person who has contributed to the creation of American Female in all its forms. From filmmakers to music producers, designers and animators, to small businesses and more, I've been able to create jobs and provide opportunities for the creative and entrepreneurial community to put their expertise to work.

Your donations also support fostering more creativity. With every copy of American Female sold, $1 dollar will be donated to the Cherokee Street Reach, an organization focused on empowering Saint Louis City youth through art and experiential learning 

If YOU would like to be a part of bringing the Next Great American Novel to life, you can donate here!