AMERICAN FEMALE Audio Book Under Consideration for

2017 Best Spoken Word Grammy

On behalf of myself, multi-platinum recording engineer, Carl Nappa, and Nelly's Studio X Saint Louis, I am proud to present the AMERICAN FEMALE: a true tale of adventure audio book for consideration for Best Spoken Word Album in this 59th Grammy Season. 

The audio book was created by an exceptionally talented team, including my incredible recording engineer and good friend Carl Nappa, Executive Director of Nelly's e'Xtreme Institute, who worked tirelessly with me to record nineteen hours worth of narration, and then meticulously edit and mix it to perfection (including the addition of a few surprise sound effects I love!).

Much appreciation to Leon 'Lukky' Price, who ensured a smooth listening experience by removing all of the 'mouth clicks' from the final product - a huge job that we literally could not have done without him. Big thanks to John Rogliano, who performed the final listen-throughs with me (no small feat, considering the audio book clocks in at about 7 hours!), tweaking the most minute of details. Every single bit of your hard work is appreciated, and I couldn't be happier with my experience working with Nelly's Studio X Saint Louis. 

As American Female is a global adventure, English is not the only language spoken. Susan Evens of AAA Translation provided talented voice over staff who were able to jump right into the story and record beautiful language excerpts. The audio book features Maria Laura Angel (Spanish), Alex Araiza (German), and Shali Jiang (Mandarin).

As I wrote, produced, and narrated the entire AMERICAN FEMALE audio book, I qualified to become a Voting Member of the Recording Grammys.